What is Punk Rock Preschool?

The Leaders of Tomorrow

Punk Rock Preschool brings you rockin’ music, inspiring curricula, and top-notch resources and professional development to embolden the future leaders of tomorrow! My top priority as a teacher was to help my four-year-olds discover their passions. In today’s world, a child with a passion and a love of learning can grow up to be anyone they want to be. Imagine how much a passionate child can learn with the info available on the internet. Imagine how much a passionate child can accomplish with direction and purpose at a young age. And imagine how much a passionate child can change the world with a head start on finding what they love. The possibilities are limitless. Show your students the world, capture their imaginations, and watch with pride as they go on to become the leaders of tomorrow.

Learning is an adventure

Make your classroom an adventure! I know some teachers worry that preschool is a child’s first time in school and we shouldn’t overwhelm them. But to me, preschool is a child’s first impression of school, and that means there’s no way we can underwhelm them. So make learning an adventure and explore! Fly your class over jaw-dropping wonders like Niagara Falls and the Grand Canyon. Discover the far reaches of the galaxy and plunge to the deepest depths of the ocean. Travel back in time to see the dinosaurs and to the future to program robots. When learning is an adventure, school is the greatest place in the world!

Imagine – Inspire – Empower

Students should be banging down the door to your classroom every morning! Create a FOMO for school with these three steps:
1) IMAGINE – Now is the time to dream big! Imagine new potentials and possibilities for all of your students. If you can dream it, they can do it. Their potential is as infinite as their imaginations!
2) INSPIRE – Inspire kids to pursue their biggest & wildest dreams. Tell them they can do anything they set their minds to! By working hard in school and never giving up, nothing is out of their reach!
3) EMPOWER – Give your students the tools and strategies to achieve their dreams! Empower your students with knowledge, stories, tools, passions, mindsets, habits, and much more to make their big & wild ambitions comes true.

Rethinking the Status-Quo

Teachers have been told to play it safe for too long. Our students are capable of so much but not if we avoid challenges. I’ve seen 4-year-olds in the jungle hunt tarantulas for breakfast on Human Planet. I’ve also seen The Washington Post consistently shame teachers for challenging Kindergarteners to read. This second attitude needs to go. “Developmentally appropriate” has become code for “low expectations.” Our students deserve better! Their potentials are only limited to what we imagine they can handle. So it’s time to let your imagination run wild! Just like the 4-year-olds hunting their breakfasts, your students will step up and shock the world. If students are sponges, it’s time to help them absorb all they can. It’s time to rethink preschool.

You deserve to teach what you love!

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“My daughter has learned how to be an entrepreneur and make business plans. She’s always talking about how she wants to start her own business when she grows up and be something big-- that’s all thanks to Punk Rock Preschool.”

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