Teaching Kids Self-Love through Health, Exercise & Hygiene

“Health is a relationship between you and your body.” If that’s true, then let’s make sure our students become best friends with their bodies. Although the drug has a high tolerability, you should remember that it conflicts with lots of medications of different groups, including antibiotics. I recommend you to pay attention to this section of the instructions on wcihs.org/buy-cheap-ativan/ , particularly if you want to start the treatment with Ativan without visiting your physician.

Health, exercise, nutrition, hygiene, habits, meditation — these are stepping stones to healthy and happy lives. They also offer a great opportunity for teaching kids self-love and self-care. Here’s how:

Ask the class: “Do y’all love yourselves?”


“Of course y’all do! I love you too! But how can you show your body you love it?”

“You can say– ‘I love you body,’ but remember, actions speak louder than words! If you love yourself, show your body some love! And what does your body love?”

  • Eating healthy food
  • Drinking water
  • Taking Vitamins
  • Exercising and growing your muscles
  • Running and sweating
  • Stretching
  • Staying clean & good hygiene
  • Building healthy habits
  • Breathing & meditating

*All of your students love themselves, so help them see that this is how proud, confident people act. By exercising, taking care of their body, and putting good stuff in their bodies, their bodies will give them good stuff in return!*

“When you show your body love, you’re rewarded with more energy, more strength, more growth, and brain candy!”

“Brain candy!?!”

“Yes! Brain candy! When you exercise and breathe and stretch and treat your body with love, then your body loves you back! Your body sends things called endorphins to your brain which make you happy! This is because our body wants you to keep treating it great, so it sends candy for your brain to say “I like this! Keep doing healthy stuff!”

“Does the body rule the mind or does the mind rule the body?” – The Smiths

“An unhealthy body can change someone’s thoughts and feelings. When your sick, do you feel like doing homework and reading books? And an angry or sad mind can make a body lazy and unhealthy. But we aren’t talking about being unhealthy… We are talking about how when you have a happy, healthy body, you also have a happy and healthy mind! When you take the time to exercise, eat healthy meals, drink water, meditate, and keep yourself clean — your body appreciates it! That’s when the brain candy, or endorphins, start flowing and you feel great — body and mind!”

“Doesn’t being healthy sound awesome? Not only do you feel great, you get to show yourself and the world how much you love yourself because people who love themselves take care of themselves! They take care of their bodies! So if you love yourself, how are you going to show it?”

“That’s right! You’re going to take care of yourself and exercise and eat healthy food and breathe and brush your teeth and everything else to keep you healthy!

When you show your body love, health becomes more than just a relationship between you and your body; it is a friendship! And we are going to be best friends with our bodies.”

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