Unlocking Potential: ACT II of the Perfect School Year

Your perfect school-year continues in this episode of the Punk Rock Preschool Podcast! After your class discovers that learning is everywhere – in the classroom, in their home, in their community, in the world, and in their lives – they are going to want to put this knowledge to good use! Students have started to discover their passions and they are beginning to see how all they’ve learned in school is coming together into something great. After covering letters, sounds, numbers, and much more during the first half of the year, your students now have all the keys to learning on their own and unlocking their potentials!

We jump from students discovering their potential in ACT I to helping them use everything they learned about school, the world, and themselves to go forward and unlock their potentials in ACT II! Lights, camera, action!

The first half of the year was an introduction to school and an introduction to learning. You taught your classroom how much they could accomplish in the world and they began to believe in themselves. By learning about nature and the environment, kids recognized that they could literally change and impact the world.

And once the class understands that they can change the world, it’s our  job to start showing them how! That’s what we discuss in this episode of the Punk Rock Preschool Podcast!

Show your students that everything you learn can be applied to your life! Every student can their knowledge to not only make their lives better but to also make the world a better place! In ACT II, we get into lots of the examples on how to make this crystal-clear in your classroom.

In the Punk Rock Preschool Curriculum, ACT II is also known as “The World of Success.” In this 9-week unit that made up the third quarter of the school-year, our class learned about health, civics, and business. With each of these units, we used what we learned in school to make our lives better. In the Healthy Kids Curriculum, which you can purchase here, kids can immediately feel the benefits of breathing, meditation, stretching, exercise, sleep, bathing, etc. so they knew that the more they learned about health, the stronger, faster, and healthier they would be!

Students saw exactly how what they learned in school made an impact on their lives – and it made them feel better! And since we learned in ACT I that we can make an impact in the world by recycling, students are already primed and ready to go!  They already know they can make an impact on the world! So now take that opportunity and show them ALL the ways they can leave a positive effect on themselves, their communities, and society as a whole! In this episode, find out how you can teach four and five-year-olds how to use government, charity, and business to make their mark on the world!

“Unlocking Potential” can definitely sound buzz-wordy. That’s why I like to think of it more like  giving kids an outlet to use what they learn. By helping kids unlock their potential and use what they learn to champion causes that are bigger than themselves, you are helping students see that they can leave an impact on the world and make it a happier and better place! Show them the jobs, opportunities, and vehicles to make this possible! 

A few examples could be:

  • If your students want the world to be healthier, they can become doctors!
  • If your students want the world to be safer, they can become police officers or firefighters!
  • If your students want the world to be freer, they can become elected representatives!
  • And if your students want the world to be better in a unique and personal way, they can become entrepreneurs!

When students see that they can make such an impact, they are inspired and ready to change the world. The next step is Unleashing their Potential in ACT III.

All of this is included in this week’s episode. For even more details, check out our Free Full Year Curriculum plan below.

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Thanks so much for joining us this week! Did you think of some important skills I missed? Would you mind sharing in the comments so all the great teachers can use it too!? Thank you!

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Show Notes (w/times):

  • 01:00 – Review of ACT I
  • 02:36 – Introduction to ACT II
  • 05:12 – Mindset Shift
  • 06:46 – Strategies – Applying knowledge to health
  • 08:32 – Strategies – Applying knowledge to making the world a better place (civics)
  • 10:07 – Strategies – Applying knowledge to making the world a better place (entrepreneurship)
  • 13:12 – Strategies – Applying school knowledge to life (learning to read and do math)
  • 15:41 – ACT II in Bloom’s Taxonomy – Apply, Analyze, Evaluate
  • 17:53 – Actionable Next Steps
  • 21:18 – Major Takeaways

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