How to Customize your Pre-K Curriculum

What does your perfect curriculum look like? I’m not asking about THE perfect curriculum, because there is no such thing! There is only YOUR perfect curriculum. What works for you? What do you want to teach? How can you bring energy, passion, and enthusiasm to class every day and leave your students with the skills and mindsets to succeed in the world? Find the most important, inspiring, fascinating, and attention-grabbing topics and empower your classroom with a love of learning!

Teach the subjects that make your eyes go wide and your voice get loud with excitement! Whatever that is, bring it into the classroom and everyone will see great results!

No matter how advanced, if you love something and care about it, you will be able to explain it to your students! I guarantee it. Don’t just tell kids that learning is fun! Show them! Help your students understand why you are so passionate about these topics you are bringing into the classroom. When you build a curriculum that intentionally brings out your enthusiasm, students respond in kind with more enthusiasm! They want to find passions of their own and you have the opportunity to show them just how to do it!

I never wanted to have to under-sell the school-year to parents. I wanted parents to be excited and thrilled by what their child would learn. That never happened as long as I was opening Parent-Teacher conferences by saying, “This year, we are learning our colors and farm animal noises.”

That’s not exciting!

So instead I told them how their children were going to learn about art and science and the environment and outer space! I told parents that our class was going to learn to read and write and become rock star entrepreneurs! I loved Parent-Teacher conferences because it was an opportunity to share all the awesome things we were learning and set the best expectations! Parents left these conferences knowing that their child was going to learn a ton (or thinking that I was a pretty crazy teacher) – but either way, by the end of the year, everyone was thrilled! Because we learned everything I said — and then some!

If you want to get parents just as excited about the school year, this is the episode for you!

To make YOUR perfect curriculum, you have to teach the things you love. This injects a new level of energy, love, and enthusiasm into everything you do. More so, it models a passion that your students soon want to find for themselves.

And even bigger than the topics that inspire, what are the topics that kids need to learn to succeed? What are the life-skills, mindsets, and habits that students can use going forward to make their lives better? I didn’t just focus the Punk Rock Preschool Curriculum on health, civics, business, art, science, and environmentalism because I am passionate about those things.

I focused on these things because I want my students to truly become the future leaders of the world and these are the fields in which I felt I could help them do it.

These topics may be different for you. In fact, your curriculum probably should be different! Because it is your curriculum! What do you think students need to know? What are the topics that are missing from a K-12 public education? If you feel strongly enough about it, you will be able to help your students understand!

In this episode, we go through lots of examples and strategies so you can teach even the most advanced topics and make them resonate with kids. For an in-depth breakdown of how to teach a range of health topics (exercise, hygiene, five senses, body parts, meditation, yoga, nutrition, and more), you can get our special deal on the Healthy Kids Curriculum below. This is eight weeks — 200 pages of no-prep, scripted lessons — for only $25.

Buy it today and build habits that will last a lifetime!

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Thanks so much for joining us this week! Did you think of some important skills I missed? Would you mind sharing in the comments so all the great teachers can use it too!? Thank you!

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Show Notes (w/times):

  • 01:19 – Introduction
  • 06:10 – Mindset Shift
  • 07:30 – Strategies
  • 15:40 – How to Teach the Revolutionary War to Preschool
  • 25:16 – Actionable Next Steps

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