Enrique Feldman – How to Teach Artistically

Teaching is an art form. When you live and teach artistically, magical things will happen in your classroom. Today’s guest is Enrique Feldman, an artist, author, conductor, singer, speaker, composer, musician, and educator. Enrique’s approach to learning is so unique, inspiring, and up-lifting because he gives us tools and mindsets to bring joyful curiosity back into the landscape of education. Listen here to learn about Enrique and his journey in inspiring children and adults around the world.

Enrique lives his life artistically and he gives us the tools to do the same. Living artistically means living like a child, embracing laughter and joy in any moment, and finding excitement and novelty in even our most routine experiences. Enrique teaches us not to just keep us young at heart, but also young at mind. By listening and connecting to the world around us and connecting to ourselves, Enrique explains how we can keep our brains young and even scientifically lower our neurological age. He has even developed a series of brain games that give the left and right sides of the brain practice in working together. These actions form new neural pathways and connections that function as warm exercises for the brain that keep our minds sharp, young, and always growing. These are the perfect habits to mix into a morning routine. Not only are they fun and laughter-inducing, they are scientifically proven to literally grow brains! Listen here for the full details of Enrique’s amazing program of brain games.

Enrique is also a master of helping students be seen and, more importantly, helping students feel felt. He shares stories of his personal life, including inspiring words of wisdom from his grandmother and the Sam the Ant stories he wrote with his daughter growing up. One of my favorite things about these stories is that Enrique and his daughter wrote these books without any pronouns, so the reader can decide exactly who these characters are. Also, I’ve heard Enrique read these stories over very different types of music and it is amazing how a piece of music during read aloud can affect a different subtext, foreshadowing, mood, and even a different meaning of the text! For the next generation, he offers so many strategies and tips for building incredible socio-emotional and mental health strengths.

It’s not about content but about the art of the connection. If learners believe that we are there for them (and we are!) they will come to school with a bigger smile on their face. We can be their teachers, their guides, and their families. For the full story, including thought-provoking discussions on the energy of thought, the difference between magic and science, and reimagining expectations and reimagining ideas of our best selves, listen here!


Music for Read Aloud:

Show Notes:

  • 02:13 – Enrique Introduction
  • 05:45 – What does it mean to live our lives artistically and what will the world look like
  • 10:19 – What is joy? Where does it come from neurologically? What does it mean?
  • 12:39 – Enrique’s Interactive Brainwave GamesTM
  • 20:12 – How do we help students “be seen” and find their individuality
  • 21:46 – What kind of questions can we ask kids to help kids them find themselves?
  • 29:04 – Using music for read aloud
  • 40:14 – Redefining and reimagining literacy (and ourselves)
  • 43:38 – Reimagine Expectations
  • 47:56 – What is the difference between magic and science?
  • 56:27 – The Energy of Thought
  • 1:03:10 – Final Thoughts

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