Alexander Juan Antonio Cortes – How to Develop Intuition in the Classroom

Are we raising kids who are prepared for an unpredictable and changing world?  We tell children to follow their heart and go with their their gut, but are we giving kids the tools to even listen? Intuition can’t be taught from a textbook but it can be developed in the classroom. And while this is an area that gets little attention in our education system, it will be getting all the attention it deserves on this week’s episode of the Punk Rock Preschool Podcast with special guest Alexander Juan Antonio Cortes. On this week’s episode, Alexander shares his incredible wisdom on how to find your purpose, strengthen your intuition, and discover your archetype. By developing these mindsets, we will be able to teach kids to be the masters of their own destinies.

Alexander is a professional writer, ballet dancer, personal trainer, and a self-made man at the age of 29. He is a role-model for young men and women and provides limitless sagely advice online through his social media channels. Alexander believes that true knowledge is applied knowledge, which can only be learned experientially. This means, we as teachers, must create the conditions where children are allowed to learn, fail, and grow. Right now, we have a system that rewards compliance, playing it safe, and following a linear step-by-step path to an expected life. But life is unexpected. Life throws us for a loop. And when that happens, we need to ask ourselves: are we doing enough?

School does not typically do a very good job of helping kids find their purpose and discover who they are. Alexander describes four essential strategies that can shine a light on a child’s internal drive and destiny. By providing kids with opportunities to take on leadership roles, compete with one another, challenge themselves intellectually, and act in service to something bigger than themselves, then through these experiences, something will click and kids will find their purposes. As in Alexander’s case, his ballet and his art fuels and energizes everything else in his life. When you find your purpose, everything in life runs smoother. So of course we want to give that gift to our students!

In this episode, find out just how to help your students live their lives congruently. That means giving them the tools and mindsets to to do what they want and feel how they want throughout life. When your actions, capacity, and mental well-being are congruent with one another, life will flow to you. You will feel a sense of contentment with who you are, what you do, and how you do it. These are gifts that more important than any textbook lesson or state standard.

Learn how to incorporate these powerful psychological, physical, and spiritual lessons into your classroom with Alexander’s incredible insights!


Show Notes:

  • 02:48 – Introduction
  • 05:33 – What Does It Mean to Be Healthy
  • 07:29 – What Needs to Be Taught That Isn’t Being Taught
  • 15:40 – How to Find a Purpose
  • 42:01 – Help People Discover Their Archetypes
  • 52:58 – Fitness as a Metaphor for Learning from Decisions Immediately
  • 58:26 – How to Create a Safe Environment Where Kids (And People) Want to Be Challenged
  • 01:05:23 – Final Thoughts and Where to Connect

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