Letter A Crafts for Preschoolers – The Complete List of the Top Letter “A” Activities

Attention Teachers: Are you making these common mistakes when teaching letters? Like anything in Pre-K, kids need interaction. They need movement. And with so much memorization in preschool, it’s easy to fall into habits of repetition, worksheets, and tracing. But this is BORING! And we all know that it isn’t how kids learn best.

When teaching the alphabet, we need to make this activity artistic, creative, and memorable. And do you know the best way to do that? Letter crafts. Crafts give kids a chance to physically relate each letter back to its sound and shape. Then, you can display these crafts inside and outside of the classroom for constant reminders and reinforcement. Eventually, students will bring home these letter crafts to continue to learn at home. Not to mention, parents will treasure their child’s artwork like it was the Mona Lisa. Below, I’ve put together a list of the 23 Best Letter Crafts and Activities for Preschoolers that I could find. I’ve included the materials and a small description of each craft. As always, choose the ones that stick out to you and your classroom to reinforce what you are learning!

A for Apple

1. Paper Plate Apple Mosaic

LETTER A FOR APPLETissue Paper Apple Art Project For Kids @ Blissful Roots

Rip and tear construction paper or tissue paper to glue onto a paper plate. Cut out a leaf and stem for students (or have them cut it out themselves) to glue on the top of the apple. Although this craft doesn’t reinforce the shape of the letter, it is a simple A for Apple craft that will be remembered and it also provides a chance for children to strengthen their fine motor skills early in the year.

Materials: Red, Green or Yellow Tissue Paper, Construction Paper (Red, Yellow, Green), Construction Paper (Brown), Paper Plate, Glue-stick, Brown Marker, Scissors; Video: https://youtu.be/uTu7fNg8BwU

2. Pinecone Apple Craft

These easy pinecone apples make a great craft to go along with apple or fall lessons. Fun nature craft for kids.

Go out on a nature hunt and collect pinecones. Then, paint these pine cones red like apples! Hot glue a twig and leaves from construction paper to complete this 3D work of art that can decorate your classroom shelves.

Materials:Pinecone, Red Paint, Small Twig, Hot Glue Gun, Green Paper, Scissors

3. Pom Pom Apple Tree

Pom Pom Apple Tree Craft - Crafts on Sea

This project may require some teacher work on the front-end. Staple brown construction papers together and trace the outline of a tree trunk. Cut out all of these outlines at once. Do the same thing with the grass and the green leaves. Then, ask students to glue everything on the tree in order and eventually add their own apples using red and green pom-poms. While this is another Apple craft that lacks letter shape, it is a fun and pretty craft to reinforce letter sound and to send home to parents.

Materials: Tree Cut Out or Stencil, Construction Paper (Brown, Green, Background), Scissors, Red and Green Pom Poms, Elmer’s Glue

4. Paper Plate Apple


Another very simple paper plate apple (this one is even simpler) that only requires a plate, some red paint, and cut-outs of a leaf and a stem. This craft can be a great chance to let children work independently for the first time. Add the uppercase and lowercase “A” to the apple to include a small opportunity to learn the letter’s shape.

MaterialsPaper Plate, Paint, Glitter Glue, Glue Stick, Paper or Construction Paper, Scissors, Crayons

5. Paper Roll Apple Core

Apple picking is one of the best parts of fall, and this paper craft only adds to the fun. Recycle cardboard tubes as the core, and top with red cupcake liners for the skin. Click through for more Thanksgiving crafts for kids.

I never did this craft in my classroom but I LOVE it. If you can scrape together some old toilet paper rolls (not always an easy task), this is one of the cutest apple crafts I’ve ever seen. Paint the rolls white or off-white and draw some seeds for the apple core. Then, paint cupcake liners red and glue them to the top and bottom of the roll. Add the finishing touches with a stem and leaf glued on top. This is a craft that is sure to turn heads!

MaterialsToilet Paper Rolls, Paint (White, Red), Black Marker, 2 Cupcake Liners, Apple Stem (or replacement), Green Paper, Glue

6. Paper Plate Apple Core

Apple craft

Another plate apple craft? Yes, but this one has a bit more personality. Draw lines for students to cut along to create the apple core and then paint the top and bottom the color of your choice. Glue a stem and leaf made cut-out from construction paper and draw in the seeds. Voila! A yummy paper plate apple core!

MaterialsPaper Plate, Red or Green Paint, Construction Paper, Scissors, Glue-stick, Black Marker; Video: https://youtu.be/Uc1j013Ot_M

7. Popsicle Stick Apple Core


Here is another fun one that I never saw before. Glue three popsicle sticks together (you may need another one to act as support behind the three you see). Then, cut out semi-circles out of glittery green and red foam to glue onto the bottom fo the popsicle sticks. As always, add your stem, leaf, and seeds to complete these apple core crafts that are ready to be sent home right away! Parents will love them!

Materials: 3 or 4 Mini Popsicle Sticks, Red or Green Foam, Construction Paper (Brown and Green), Black Marker, Elmer’sGlue, Scissors

8. Lowercase “a” Apple Core


Finally! An apple craft that actually reinforces the letter shape. For this lowercase “a” apple, you will have to do some cutting work before your students are ready to create it on their own, Whenever you have to cut out the same shape multiple times, staple pieces of construction paper together at the corners and draw the shape. Cut it out along those lines. and you have enough for the whole classroom with only one cut. In this case, cut out the lowercase “a” shape but you can ignore the big hole in the middle. Why? Well, your students will simply glue a white circle in the middle to create the effect of the apple core (works even better when the background is also white, as seen above). Then, have them cut out the stem, seeds, and leaves from scrap construction paper and glue it on the background. For added effect, encourage them to draw in an apple tree or two to liven up their artwork.

Materials: Construction Paper (Red, White, Brown, Green), Scissors, Glue, Crayons; Video: https://youtu.be/TlJg7ooefb8

9. Popsicle Uppercase “A” Apple Core

Popsicle Stick Apples - Kid Craft

What’s this? Another Apple craft that includes the sound AND the shape of the letter? Wow! I bet you were starting to think that all the apple crafts were just pictures of apples. Well, I wanted to include all the crafts I could find to fit your budget and teaching style. But this is the last apple craft. For this one, it’s pretty simple. Have children color or paint the large and small popsicle sticks and then glue them into the shape of an uppercase “A.” Once they’re done that, cut out a white triangle to glue to the back of the “A” and draw in the seeds. Finally, cut and paste the stem and leaf for a craft that will be sure to reinforce letter shape and sound!

Materials: 2 Large Popsicle Sticks, 1 Small Popsicle Stick, Construction Paper (White, Brown, Green), Red Paint or Markers, Elmer’s Glue, Scissors

A for Acorn

10. Paper Plate Acorn

Our Paper Plate Acorn Craft for Kids is the perfect craft to make during a chilly Fall day.

Aren’t you glad I didn’t say apple? I know I’m tired of writing up apple descriptions. So now we’re on to another “a” word that falls from a tree. Acorns! You can probably make this craft using just one paper plate. Cut a semi-circle across the top and then paint it brown using water colors or brown paint. Then, cut a triangle out of the plate that’s left over and paint it a light brown or orange color. Glue your semi-circle on top for a full acorn. You can probably add the shape to this activity by drawing an uppercase “A” on the triangle portion of the Acorn. And while you’re at it, go hunting for acorns at recess and see how your art work stacks up to the real thing!

Materials: Paper Plate, Scissors, Brown and Orange Paint or Watercolors, Glue-stick

11. Lowercase “a” for acorn

Fall Alphabet Craft for Kids and Preschool Lesson Plan

This one looks like it is more work for the teacher than the student (which is never good for learning or your time management). Still, It reinforces sound and shape so I’m including it here. Cut out the letter “a” shape for students and a circle that is the same color as the background to glue in the middle. Given the weird shape of the top, you would probably have to cut that out as well. This basically boils down to a gluing assignment unless you draw out these shapes for students to do the cutting themselves. Not my favorite.

Materials: Construction Paper (Brown, Black, Background), Glue-stick

A for Alligator

12. A for Alligator


Cut out two long strips of green paper and one short one to create the letter. Then, cut out little triangles for the teeth and circles for the eyes. Glue it all together and you’ve got a ferocious Alligator that teaches the letter sound and shape! This is a classroom favorite!

Materials: Construction Paper (Green, White, Background), Scissors, Glue-Stick, Black Marker (or black paper); Video: https://youtu.be/Yk74NIHRTsc

13. A for Alligator


Similar to the previous Alligator, this one is the same shape but it’s made differently. Print out a Letter A printable. Have students cut green paper into small squares that they can glue along the bubble letter “A.” Add circles for the eyes and then glue down squares with uppercase and lowercase “a” as alligator food. This craft will be another favorite that reinforces letter shape, sound, and fine motor skills.

Materials: Construction Paper (Green, White), Letter A Squares, Printable Uppercase “A,” Scissors, Glue-Stick, Black Marker

A for Ants

14. A for Ants Eating Apple

Letter A for Ants and Apple

Don’t get scared! These ants aren’t real bugs! Let students freak out their friends and family with this fun (and kind of gross) A for Ant craft. Students can out an uppercase letter “A” shape and then a triangle that matches the background color and glue them down. Then cut out an apple shape with a tiny bite taken out the top and glue it and a leaf at the top of the “A.” From there, draw a line using Elmer’s glue and fill in the line with small black beads or other tiny manipulatives that look like ants. You can even have the ants walking all across the letter A to practice creating the shape! This craft is great for fine motor, practicing letter shape, and teaching sound with both /a/ for ant and apple!

Materials: Construction Paper (Any Choice for “A” and Background, Red, Green), Scissors, Glue, Black Beads or Mini Pom Poms

15. A for Ant

Two Steps Behind Six Little Hands: A is for ant!

This is an awesome craft that hammers home the sound and shape of the letter a. It also includes a built in lesson on insects having three parts. And don’t forget the antennae (that also begin with the letter “a”)! And it’s about as simple as it looks! Draw the letter “a” shape on a piece of black construction paper and fold it in quarters so your drawing is at the top. Kids can cut out their letters and glue them in order (and glue on the circle in the middle). From there, it’s just about adding some pipe cleaners for antennae and a googly eye! This craft is fast, fun, and full of information!

Materials: Construction Paper (Black and Background), Googly Eye, Glue, Scissors, Pipe Cleaners

16. A for Ants


Here’s another fast and easy craft that teaches letter shape and sound. Cut out letter A printouts and glue them to a background paper. Then, using black paint, use thumbprints to create ants all along the “A.” Draw in their legs (six of them) and feelers on each ant. Here’s another great activity that doubles as a lesson on insect body parts!

Materials: Background Paper, Letter “A” Print-out, Scissors, Glue-Stick, Black Paint, Thin Black Marker

17. A for Antlers

Alphabet Craftivity and Preschool Lesson Plan

Simple as can be. Cut out antlers and strips for the letter “A” and glue them to a background sheet of paper. Not the most fun craft but definitely very original!

Materials: Construction Paper (A, Antler, Background), Scissors, Glue

18. A for Alien

Letter A Crafts for Preschool - Preschool CraftsLetter Of The Week ! Aa !

This one can go any number of ways! Allow students to design their own aliens out of the letter A! They can use pipe cleaners, paint, dotters, markers, more construction paper, etc. Let their imaginations go wild as they create an A for Alien!

Materials: Construction Paper, Paint, Dotters, Markers, Pipe Cleaners, Scissors, Glue, Any Other Art Supplies

A for Astronaut

19. Lowercase “a” for astronaut

A is for astronaut. Includes a kid's photo. Cute personal craft.

I love these personalized crafts! I also love outer space so this craft is one that I wish we did when I was still in the classroom. This one requires a little prep and planning before hand though. First, ask students (or better yet, parents) to bring in a small picture of themselves that they can use in an art project. Then, you may have to do some work cutting out the circle and rectangle from felt (cutting felt was always tough for me so I couldn’t imagine leaving it up to four-year-olds). Once that is done, students can take it away. Glue the astronaut body onto the black paper and then glue the felt on top into the shape of a letter “a”. From there, have children cut a circle around their face and glue it on top of the “a” shape to complete the “a.” Now, it’s time to decorate with star stickers and looseleaf reinforcements! Blast off!

Materials: Construction Paper (Black, Gray), White Felt, Scissors, Elmer’s Glue, Star Stickers, Reinforcements, Child’s Photo

20. Uppercase “A” for Astronaut

A is for astronaut. Super cute letter of the week craft for the letter A!

I love this one too but it does seem like a lot of teacher work. good thing most of the cutting is on black and white paper so you may be able to draw it out for students to cut themselves. Draw out the letter A, the arms, the boots, and the circle for the helmet. Also, using skin-colored paper, cut out the face. If you can, print out a picture of Earth (or moon) to include in the background. Glue it all together and draw your own face on the skin-colored paper. Add star and rocket stickers (and the U.S. flag) to complete the Astronaut A!

Materials: Construction Paper (White, Black, Skin-Colored, Background), Print-Out Earth, Stickers (Stars, Rocket, U.S. Flag), Crayons, Scissors, Glue

21. A for Angel

LETTER A FOR ANGELangel preschool crafts | angel craft (2) - Red Ted Art's Blog

Cut out the letter A for the Angel’s body and glue it to a sheet of paper. From there, cut out a circle for the head and draw a lovely, angelic face. Add feathers for the wings and glue. Bend the pipe cleaner into a small circle for the halo and glue it above the angel’s head. A for Angel!

Materials: Construction Paper (White, Background), Yellow Pipe Cleaner, White Feathers, Scissors, Glue, Crayons

A for Airplane

22. Lowercase “a” for airplane


This is one of my favorite crafts because you can replace that circle in the middle with a child’s photograph, similar to the astronaut at #19. For a full explanation and example on how to do this, check out this craft video at our Punk Rock Preschool YouTube channel — Video: https://youtu.be/CaMnFDmfklM

Materials: Construction Paper (Plane, Wings, Exhaust, & Background), Picture of Child, Scissors, Glue

23. Uppercase “A” for Airplane

Get excited!! Alphabet craftivities!

The last “A” craft! Whew! I may have to tone it down when we move on to other letters because this post took forever! For this craft, cut out the Letter A from a child’s choice color construction paper. Then, draw out wings and propellers from another color to cut and glue. Put it all together like the example above and you have an uppercase A for Airplane!

Materials: Construction Paper (Plane, Wings/Propeller, Background), Scissors, Glue

With all of these letter crafts, children should totally internalize the shape and sound of the letter A and parents will think you are a superhuman teacher for providing them with all of this student art work. And then you can tell them that A is for Art. And then you will collapse from craft exhaustion. Then you wake up and do it all over again for the Letter B. See you next week!

Can’t wait?  Follow the Punk Rock Preschool Pinterest Boards for all of our crafts: https://www.pinterest.com/punkrockprek/the-letter-a/

Now, I know it says “Letter of the Week” in the title, but one week is too long for one letter. I would typically teach 2-3 letters per week. Or if you want to use all of these crafts, it will probably take you longer than a week. But your kids will definitely know the letter A. No matter what time frame you decide, aim to get in as many crafts as you can manage (and can afford). When finished, display the crafts on the wall outside of our classroom so students always have a reference to the letter and its shape and sound. If you can find crafts that combine uppercase, lowercase, and sounds together, students will have a much easier time recalling the letters when it comes time to read.

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