Ed Latimore – How to Create Forward Momentum in Your Life

At 28, Ed Latimore was stuck.

At 33, Ed Latimore is on top of the world.

How did he do it?

By harnessing the power of momentum and pushing forward to change his life.

Ed is an inspiration. In five years he joined the army, thrived as an amateur boxer, graduated with a Physics degree, wrote his first two books, and he has become one of the wisest and most influential accounts on Twitter.

For his complete journey, listen to this episode of the Punk Rock Preschool Podcast.

Ed combines his unique background of physics, chess, boxing, sobriety, and all of his life experiences into a modern-day philosophy that challenges conformity and conventional thinking. Ed finds meaningful relationships between the physical, emotional, and mental worlds and breaks them down into bite-size pieces of wisdom on Twitter and in his email list.

Here are just a few examples:

  • “If you apply force but nothing moves, you didn’t do any work”
  • “There is no neutral position. Momentum is either with you or against you.”
  • “The more you divide your attention, the less actually gets done.  This is like how when a denominator approaches infinity, the output approaches 0.”
  • “Energy cannot be created or destroyed, just transferred. You can’t create money, but you can transfer experiences and life into a book and it comes back as money.”

Ed’s motto is to take what he’s learned the hard way and break it down so you can learn it the easy way.

And that’s exactly what he does in this episode. Listen now and start moving forward in your life!


Show Notes:

  • 02:17 – Introduction
  • 05:09 – How to Apply Physics to Social Interactions
  • 11:35 – Conformity is Amoral
  • 21:56 – How to Give Kids the Superpower of Not Caring What Other People Think
  • 27:45 – Did Caring What Other People Think Ever Hold You Back?
  • 35:20 – How to Surround Yourself with Positivity
  • 42:50 – How to Find Your Purpose
  • 54:35 – Why You Should NEVER Apologize for Who You Are and What You Believe
  • 1:07:50 – Where You Can Find Ed

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