Catch Up Boys – How Eric Newman Nurtures Exceptional Husbands, Fathers, and Men

What is a catch up boy?

A catch up boy is a young man who has gone his entire life without guidance of a competent, confident and consistent adult male.

And then, something terrible happens. It could be any number of traumas: the death of someone close, addiction, abuse, gangs, crime. And when these events happen — events that no child should experience — Eric helps these boys get themselves back on track.

Through the three Cs — Competence, Consistency, and Confidence — Eric shows these Catch Up Boys how to stop haunting the old tracks and how to build an entirely new set to take them anywhere they wish to go in life.

Eric turned down the opportunity to become a Head of School in the Bronx so he could focus his time on his true passion, a one-on-one Catch-Up School.

In this role, Eric is a mentor (and a rebuilder), a crackerjack reading and writing instructor, a parental ally, and a sports agent. He serves all these roles for his students — advocating, teaching, mentoring, and changing lives.

By nurturing and caring for these Catch Up Boys, Eric gives them the tools to become consistent, confident, and competent future husbands and fathers.

To learn more about Eric, visit his site,

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