About Me

Hi! I’m Mr. G!

There is one thing, above all else, that you have to know about me:

I love learning.

I love learning facts, I love learning how to do stuff, I love helping other people learn, I love helping kids learn, I love learning about history and the future and current events. I just love to learn and it’s the little things in life that get me so excited about learning! It’s the things we find on the internet that make us say “Wow! Cool!” It’s the things we want to share with our closest friends because we thought they were so awesome! It’s the things like dinosaurs and outer space and Disney World that captured our imaginations as kids. Learning is my passion and learning and teaching new things is what gets me excited more than anything else.

And it is my absolute dream that with Punk Rock Preschool, you get THIS excited about learning too! Let’s inspire our students to find their passions for learning! When they discover the wonders of learning, everything else falls into place.

How We Got Started

Punk Rock Preschool was founded in 2014 by Jarred Geller, or as he’s more fondly known in the classroom, Mr. G..

After graduating from The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania in 2013, Jarred left his home of Philadelphia to embark on a new and foreign adventure — teaching Pre-K in Oklahoma City.

Coming in with a clean slate and a fresh perspective on ECE, Jarred reimagined his tiresome and boring curriculum and brought college level material into his classroom! In his three years teaching, Jarred taught everything from Astronomy to Zoology and never treated his students as babies. Rather, he challenged them as thoughtful and intellectually curious peers that always wanted to know more about the world around them.

Instead of sticking to the clichéd Pre-K curriculum of farm animal noises and nursery rhymes, Jarred exposed his students to economics, environmentalism, cultures from all over the world, health and meditation, freedom and government, art, science and much more! He got them excited about the occupations that went along with these new-found interests. By learning about these jobs, students left Punk Rock Preschool no longer wanted to be Power Rangers and princesses but rather, they wanted to be paleontologists and presidents!

As a result, Mr. G.’s students left Pre-K reading, writing, doing math, and most importantly, they were more equipped and more ready to take on a challenging and stressful world than many people more than twice and three times their age!