Do Public Trackers Work? – Ep. 019

Has anyone ever told you that public trackers “don’t work?” I’ve heard this plenty, but I’ve also seen public tracking work, for myself and for other teachers. I’ve also seen teachers run their class exceptionally without any trackers, either for behavioral or academic motivation. Frankly, I don’t know how there hundreds of pages of literature dedicated to this idea that “public trackers don’t work, can’t work, will never work” when there are so many examples proving that sometimes, they do work!  A public tracker (whether for behavior or academic tracking) is a tool. And like any tool, it can be used well or it can … Read More

Teaching Toddlers Self-Control & Self-Discipline – Ep. 018

How do kids learn self-control and self-discipline? How can they take ownership of their educations and remind themselves to make great choices in school? Self-discipline can’t happen by accident! It comes from teachers modeling discipline and being consistent with it! Always enforcing your classroom rules and expectations doesn’t make you a disciplinarian. It makes you a great teacher because you are constantly providing reminders to your students on how to make the best choices and build the best habits! Discipline doesn’t have to mean punishment. Self-discipline certainly isn’t self-punishment. If we reframe “discipline” to mean structure, focus, and self-control, then we all want lots … Read More

Resilience & Grit in Preschool: How to Challenge Yourself and Be the Best You Can Be – Ep. 017

“There are two things a person should never be angry at: what they can help and what they can not.” Plato knew the deal. This wisdom has existed for centuries! Let’s pass it on to our students so they have the work ethic and mindset to create their own futures! So how do we teach kids to stick with a problem, work hard, and persevere in the face of challenges, especially in a world so reliant on immediate gratification? How do you convince kids that the uncomfortable stages of growth are totally worth sticking through in order to get that feeling of … Read More

How to Lesson Plan with a Purpose – Ep. 016

How do you pick the themes you teach? Do lesson plan yourself or with a team of teachers? Do you use your school’s provided curriculum or do you create your own curriculum and teach what you love? If you want more freedom and flexibility, you should take it! You deserve to have fun! Get all the tools to design a curriculum that works for you and your classroom!   In this episode, we go through a week-by-week, unit-by-unit, and even a day-to-day breakdown to help you develop and organize a curriculum that is filled with your favorite topics and teaches subjects that … Read More

Empower Parents: A Teacher’s Guide to Social Media – Ep. 015

Teaching and parent communication don’t have to be separate things. For Mother’s Day, give moms (and dads) the best gift ever – an opportunity to see their child’s growth every single day! Most parents wish they could spend the day with their child so let’s give them the next best thing! Build parent communication into your day-to-day schedule by using social media! When you post your students’ work on the wall, post it on the Facebook wall as well!  Move your classroom into the 21st century and involve parents with daily updates! In this episode, learn how you can keep parents … Read More