Catch Up Boys – How Eric Newman Nurtures Exceptional Husbands, Fathers, and Men

What is a catch up boy? A catch up boy is a young man who has gone his entire life without guidance of a competent, confident and consistent adult male. And then, something terrible happens. It could be any number of traumas: the death of someone close, addiction, abuse, gangs, crime. And when these events happen — events that no child should experience — Eric helps these boys get themselves back on track. Through the three Cs — Competence, Consistency, and Confidence — Eric shows these Catch Up Boys how to stop haunting the old tracks and how to build … Read More

How to Create Forward Momentum in Your Life – Interview with Ed Latimore – Ep. 034

At 28, Ed Latimore was stuck. At 33, Ed Latimore is on top of the world. How did he do it? By harnessing the power of momentum and pushing forward to change his life. Ed is an inspiration. In five years he joined the army, thrived as an amateur boxer, graduated with a Physics degree, wrote his first two books, and he has become one of the wisest and most influential accounts on Twitter. For his complete journey, listen to this episode of the Punk Rock Preschool Podcast. Ed combines his unique background of physics, chess, boxing, sobriety, and all … Read More

Three Game-Changing Ways to Use Music in Your Classroom

It’s all about the feeling. Great music makes you feel something. But when it comes to children’s music, there’s nothing there. These melodies are sanitized. There’s no energy. There’s no character. There’s nothing to feel except sleepiness and boredom. That’s not fair for our kids. So, what’s the solution? This would probably be a great set up to say “Punk Rock Preschool will solve ALL your problems!” And yeah, I think my music is pretty great for kids. It’s educational. It’s fast, fun, and oh boy (oh man) does it have some feeling. In fact, I guarantee it will get … Read More

This Halloween, It’s Time to Revive Your Dead, Decaying Curriculum

Pre-K and preschool are the formative developmental years. And we are absolutely WASTING them. I’m not going to sugarcoat it. Our current system — one that doesn’t challenge kids to expand their minds, that lacks any type of excitement or edge, that falls short on every imaginable metric — is a total failure. It is waste of time. Kids may be better off trick-or-treating than memorizing and reciting the standard Pre-K curriculum like a bunch of docile robots. Seriously. What the hell are these curriculum writers thinking? They want us to spend all of our time uploading memorizable content into … Read More

Letter A Crafts for Preschoolers – The Complete List of the Top Letter “A” Activities

Attention Teachers: Are you making these common mistakes when teaching letters? Like anything in Pre-K, kids need interaction. They need movement. And with so much memorization in preschool, it’s easy to fall into habits of repetition, worksheets, and tracing. But this is BORING! And we all know that it isn’t how kids learn best. When teaching the alphabet, we need to make this activity artistic, creative, and memorable. And do you know the best way to do that? Letter crafts. Crafts give kids a chance to physically relate each letter back to its sound and shape. Then, you can display … Read More