Inspire the Future Leaders of the World – Ep. 002

Before you teach a topic, always ask yourself: “Will this make my students fall in love with learning?” As preschool teachers, we shouldn’t obsess over repeating the calendar and weather every morning because this sends the wrong kind of messages to kids: Learning is routine. Learning is the same thing every day. Learning is repetition whether you know it or not. Is that really the first impression we want kids to have of school? Routine, boring, repetition? No way! Kids should be coming to school excited and anticipating what they will learn next! And to do this, we need to … Read More

Creating the Classroom of Your Dreams – Ep. 001

It’s your classroom and you’re in total control!  You can teach what makes you happy.  If for some reason things aren’t going the way you planned or the way you like, all you have to do is make a change. It’s that simple!  Nothing can stop you from having the classroom of your dreams.  In the very first episode of the Punk Rock Preschool podcast, find out how to bring your passions, excitement, and enthusiasm to school every day and teach what you love! What makes you tick?  What are your favorite interests that energize and excite you? What topics get you animated … Read More