21 Ways to Create the Perfect “Safe Space” for Crying Preschoolers

Family photos? Check. Open and trusting body language? Check. No more crying kids? Umm, not quite there yet. Maybe at this point you feel like you are ready to cry. It’s alright. This is one area where we don’t want to rush anything. Remember Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs? If we don’t feel safe and secure, there is no way we can get to the higher levels of thinking. While you may want to jump right into getttin’ yo’ teach on, you will thank yourself in the long-run if you take a few days at the start of the year to … Read More

I Guess The Beatles We’re Right…A Hug is All You Need (To Cure the First-Day-of-School Blues)

“WAAAAAHHHHhh” Uh oh. You decorated your classroom with family photos. You even got the audio recordings of family members dishing out comfort. But kids are still crying! They still want their moms and dads. What should you do? Just like any lesson, there is no formula for getting kids to learn. But there are strategies. No matter what you are teaching, whether it is emotional resiliency or a literacy concept, kids need lots of ways to process new information. Want to know the biggest mistake that even the most accomplished, veteran teachers make? They treat emotional learning different than academic … Read More

Wipe Those Tears Away! How to Keep Kids Feeling Safe on the First Day of Preschool

It’s the first day of Pre-K. Kids are crying. Parents won’t leave. Everyone is feeling the first-day jitters, including yourself! What do you do? Don’t panic. I’ve got you covered. The first day, and really, the first week, of school will be an adventure every year. You’re getting a feel for the kids. They’re getting a feel for you. It’s a rollercoaster of excitement and nervousness. And if this is your first year teaching, you’ve never experienced anything like this. Sure, maybe you’ve been a student teacher. Maybe you’ve watched other teachers open the year. But this is the first … Read More

11 Kanye West Tweets To Live and Teach By – Ep. 033

#1. Dream Big I’ve always had a desire to do things people wouldn’t even think to do — KANYE WEST (@kanyewest) April 24, 2018 #2.  Trust Your Intuition Don’t follow crowds. Follow the innate feelings inside of you. Do what you feel not what you think. Thoughts have been placed in our heads to make everyone assimilate. Follow what you feel. — KANYE WEST (@kanyewest) April 18, 2018 #3. Live in the Moment Be here now. Be in the moment. The now is the greatest moment of our lives and it just keeps getting better. The bad parts the boring … Read More

How to Develop Intuition: The Missing Piece in Education – Interview with Alexander Juan Antonio Cortes – Ep. 032

Are we raising kids who are prepared for an unpredictable and changing world?  We tell children to follow their heart and go with their their gut, but are we giving kids the tools to even listen? Intuition can’t be taught from a textbook but it can be developed in the classroom. And while this is an area that gets little attention in our education system, it will be getting all the attention it deserves on this week’s episode of the Punk Rock Preschool Podcast with special guest Alexander Juan Antonio Cortes. On this week’s episode, Alexander shares his incredible wisdom … Read More