The Growth Mindset Playbook – Interview with Annie Brock, Author of The Growth Mindset Coach and The Growth Mindset Playbook – Ep. 030

Do you want the playbook to unlock your student’s full potential? Lucky for you, today’s guest is Annie Brock who literally wrote the book on growth mindset in the classroom! She actually wrote multiple books on growth mindset! In this episode, Annie shares incredible strategies and research to help you bring growth mindset into your classroom and into your students’ lives! A fixed mindset is the belief that talents, skills, and abilities cannot be developed; that they are fixed and set in stone at birth. Fixed mindset people think that they are either born with a talent, or they are … Read More

How to Teach Artistically: The Art of Transformation – Interview with Enrique Feldman, Author, Artist, and Speaker – Ep. 029

Teaching is an art form. When you live and teach artistically, magical things will happen in your classroom. Today’s guest is Enrique Feldman, an artist, author, conductor, singer, speaker, composer, musician, and educator. Enrique’s approach to learning is so unique, inspiring, and up-lifting because he gives us tools and mindsets to bring joyful curiosity back into the landscape of education. Listen here to learn about Enrique and his journey in inspiring children and adults around the world. Enrique lives his life artistically and he gives us the tools to do the same. Living artistically means living like a child, embracing … Read More

Kids Deserve It: Tell Your Story – Interview with Todd Nesloney, Author of Stories from Webb – Ep. 028

What are the stories that you want to share with the world? Telling your story and sharing parts of yourself is how we learn, connect, and build empathy. No matter the context, whether in a personal or professional setting, your story matters. Powerful stories can leave a lasting positive impact on students and teachers because they show us that we are not alone in our struggles. But the trick is — you may not realize the impact that your story can have until you share it. This is just one of the many things I learned this week from my … Read More

How to Teach Big and Kick Ass – Interview with A.J. Juliani, Author of Empower: What Happens When Students Own Their Learning – Ep. 027

Kids live in a world where they don’t have to wait for anything. But in school, we tell them what they have to do, when they should do it, and how it needs to be done. There are few opportunities for student choice and even fewer opportunities for students to create something of their own. As kids learn to play the game of school, they learn that doing as they’re told is how you win. But what happens when kids get to college and out in the real world and there isn’t anyone telling them what to do anymore? We … Read More

Ditch That Textbook – Interview with Matt Miller, Author of Ditch That Textbook – Ep. 026

It is time to retake control of your curriculum! As teachers, we must be true to ourselves in everything we do in the classroom. Sometimes this means trying new things, and sometimes this means not knowing if they’ll work or not. But jumping into these new experiences can be so rewarding! When you teach from within yourself, you create opportunities to transfer your enthusiasm and your excitement down to your kids — and THAT can be the biggest driver of learning more than anything that is plainly written for you in a boring, old textbook. Matt Miller, author of Ditch … Read More