Educational Music

With a punch. And a kick.

Educational Music

With a punch. And a kick.

Are you ready to rock?

Educational music doesn’t have to be boring! It should be fun, catchy, and exciting! While kids may enjoy the Wheels on the Bus and Old McDonald, they aren’t exactly radio hits!

Kids fall in love with the Punk Rock Preschool songs instantly, but moreover, parents and teachers will also get caught humming the melodies and singing the lyrics!

Educational music should be fun for everyone. If you agree, you may want to buy Punk Rock Preschool’s first CD, ”For Those about to Learn.”

“For those about to Learn”

Coming Soon!


Track Listing
  1. The Shapes Song
  2. The Money Song
  3. The Geography Song
  4. The Story Song
  5. The Pollution Song
  6. The 3D Shapes Song
  7. The Planets Song
  8. The Occupation Song


Anything you want to teach, we will make sure you have the lesson plans to do it and do it big! In addition to the lessons, the Punk Rock Preschool curriculum offers you rockin’ music, captivating videos, inspirational posters, the best craft ideas on the internet and MUCH MORE!


Lesson Plans

  • Weekly Thematic Units
  • Yearly Plan for Lit & Math
  • Posters, Printables, & More!

Teach What You Love

Tell me the subjects you want to teach & I’ll send you awesome videos every month! Fill out the checklist and you’re ready to go!


Learning Videos

  • One-Minute DIY Letter Crafts
  • Interactive Video Lessons
  • Awesome YouTube Playlists