“My daughter has learned how to be an entrepreneur and make business plans. She’s always talking about how she wants to start her own business when she grows up and be something big– that’s all thanks to Punk Rock Preschool.”

“What mostly impacted my son was learning about pollution. He fully understands how it is affecting planet earth and he has it in his head that he will always do something to make a difference. He is always picking up trash and bringing it home because he is an inventor and he knows he can make something useful out of that piece of trash. I believe he must have learned something about the economy because he says his inventions will sell at low cost, maybe $1, because he wants all the people to be able to afford them.  He calls himself an entrepreneur. Yes, he knows what that means.”

“As parents, we viewed Punk Rock Preschool as a microcosm of the real world; hard work and participation were encouraged and rewarded. Mr. G. empowers his students to make choices.  Because there is a sense of ownership, the kids feel accountable and proud for every success in the classroom, which in turn builds confidence.” 

“I would love it if every child out there got the chance to start the year the way my son did. Their little minds would be blown away with so much useful information and Mr. G.’s peculiar way of teaching. My son is now in kindergarten but he applies what he learned in Punk Rock Preschool every day, and not only with school-work but in society. Sounds like a lot for a 5-year-old but this is the Punk Rock Preschool effect!”

“Mr. G. did not simply teach our daughter what to learn; he taught her how to learn.  We have seen her confidence grow exponentially since she was in Punk Rock Preschool, and she has taken that self-assurance along with her as she recently transitioned to kindergarten.”

“Mr. G. forms an unparalleled connection with his students. Every teacher has “their style” but Punk Rock Preschool is something well thought out and special.”

“There would not be a day when my son did not mention Mr. G. and how much he loved him. He was very impacted by his personality and his way of thinking and how he sees the world.”

“Punk Rock Preschool had such a great impact on my son’s education. I couldn’t imagine anyone else doing what Mr. G. did with my son this school year! He has taught him so much more than I had hoped for and has become a great role model for him. I hope Punk Rock Preschool continues to be a great impact on other children’s lives. I honestly can’t thank him enough.”

“My daughter was given such a positive experience with Punk Rock Preschool and now she finds learning experiences not just in school but in her everyday interactions. Mr. G. has definitely touched all the young minds that he has taught, and they were all so lucky to have him.”

“Punk Rock Preschool helps children learn and discover who they are. When I first heard about all the things Mr. G. wanted the kids to learn, I was a little scared because it seemed so much for pre-k. He definitely proved me wrong. The kids are capable of learning so much and actually comprehending the topics! Aside from math, reading, art, science, Punk Rock Preschool teaches children to care about the world they live in and to show respect for others. Mr. G. is teaching children that there is so much more out there than what they’re told.”

 ”Mr. G. is special because he helped my daughter overcome the odds she was given the day she was born. My daughter was born three months early — she weighed a pound and lived in a hospital for three months connected to wires and feeding tubes. I was told she wasn’t going to be able to walk, she could be blind, wouldn’t be able to hear, talk, or be normal, and she would be behind the other kids her age.

Growing up, she was behind.  She couldn’t walk till 2 1/2 years old, her hearing wasn’t as good, and she would cry because talking wasn’t easy for her and no one could understand her.  At 4 years old, I enrolled her in Mr. G.’s class and everything I feared with her and school went out the window.

After 3 weeks of being in his class, she was talking more and learning at the same pace as every other student and he made it fun for her! She would crawl in bed excited to go back to school the next day, and everything he would teach her, she would come home and teach her baby sister! Mr. G is special because he helped my daughter to a brighter and better future! He’s special because he helped her overcome the odds we were given walking out of the hospital!”