Healthy Kids Curriculum  

Punk Rock Preschool

Give your class the tools to lead happy & healthy lives! With the Healthy Kids Curriculum you will have the resources and mindsets to practice great hygiene, eat healthy foods, exercise daily, meditate, and much more! 

This is a no-prep, 8-week unit to teach your students the importance of a healthy mind & body.

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The Healthy Kids Curriculum includes 200 pages of lessons, video resources, craft ideas, hooks, questions, answers, and more. In this unit, we focus on the habits and mindsets that lead to health and success. Most of these topics will never be included in a traditional curriculum -- but they are some of the most important life skills a person can possess! Included are the important and unique health topics below:  


It's amazing when your students can tell the difference between healthy and unhealthy foods, but be careful! Once kids learn about healthy food, they tend to take it very seriously (so keep the candy hidden)! Read more...


Help your students stay healthy and avoid those contagious germs! Take the time to learn the right way to wash your hands, brush your teeth, and more! With healthy habits, kids will come to school everyday looking and feeling like a million bucks! Read more...


Is there any better habit than exercise? But we know it can be tough to get in the gym (and it's even tougher when it's not a habit)! Teach your students the secrets to a healthy life by showing them how to exercise! Read more...  


Stretch it out! Flexibility is an awesome way to teach kids to push through things that are hard at first. And once they see results, they will know it's true! Growing through challenges and Yoga go hand-in-hand. Read more...


Teach meditation, mindfulness, and Zen to help your students find inner peace in their busy minds. Free them from lives of worry, anxiety & stress by teaching how to breathe, relax, and find peace of mind. Read more...


Discover & use your senses in all new ways! When you explore the world, talk about how everyone relies on their senses for pretty much everything they do! With these lessons & resources kids will discover a newfound appreciation for their super-power senses! Read more...


In this introduction to health, teach all about muscles, bones, body parts, and how everything works together to keep us moving! Label every body part from the top of your forehead to the bottom of your toes! Read more...


How do our bodies work? Go inside and take a look! Teach about respiration, digestion, and the other ways our bodies run like machines so we stay alive and healthy! Read more...


Don't wait any longer! Start building great habits today! Ben Franklin once said "It is easier to prevent bad habits than to break them." He was a pretty smart guy.

$80.00 $25.00

Limited Time Offer

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“Mr. G.'s Punk Rock Preschool did not simply teach our daughter what to learn; it taught her how to learn. We have seen her confidence grow exponentially since she was in Punk Rock Preschool, and she has taken that self-assurance along with her as she recently transitioned to kindergarten."

Parent Testimonial, Stella

A Curriculum For All Ages

The topics and themes in the Healthy Kids Curriculum can be used in classrooms from pre-k to middle school. Mindfulness, Nutrition, Hygiene, Exercise -- no matter the age, these are life skills that should be taught & nurtured!


  • “Words of the Day” –high-level vocabulary words and their definitions for each day 
  • Scripted Hooks with a captivating video or resource to capture the class’ attention and imagination for each day’s lesson. 
  • “Questions of the Day” – open-ended questions related to the weekly theme. Includes many suggested answers but please add to the list! They are just guides to get your imagination in high gear! 
  • “Socratic Questions” – Use these follow-up and leading questions to help your students answer even the most advanced “Questions of the Day.” Help your class remember, understand, and apply their knowledge and experiences to the topic at hand. Also, by asking these questions, you can model the thought process of a critical thinker and help students see what questions they should be asking themselves. 
  • Job Poster – Each week’s theme includes a job poster related to the theme (e.g. Dinosaurs- Paleontologist). If your student’s find a passion, help them understand there is a way to make that their career! 
  • Additional Resources – At the end of each unit you will find two writing assignments related to the theme, vocabulary flash cards, & five the&e related craft ideas. 
  • Common Core Kindergarten-aligned standard checklist so you can keep your lessons focused on ideas and passions and not be bogged down in never-ending benchmarks. 

A Word From The Author

“Let's fall in love with learning all over again! Hi, I'm Jarred and I want YOU to have whatever you need to help your classroom fall in love with learning. With this 8-Week Health Curriculum, get your students started on living long, happy, and healthy lives!"