Speaking Topics

Jarred Geller & Punk Rock PreschoolTM are available for keynote speaking, live workshops, live webinars, musical performances, and more. Speech topics, presentation format, and speech length can all be catered to fit the needs of your event.

  • The Leaders of Tomorrow

    Approach ECE with a whole new mindset! Give your students the tools and structures to have them reading, writing, and inspired to make a difference in the world by the end of the year.

  • Build a growth mindset in your classroom. Develop a culture where students are excited to come to school, fearless in the face of failure, and supportive of one another in taking on challenges.

  • 10 Steps to Making Parents Proud

    Get parents involved! Learn some of the best practices for communicating with parents, including using Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to keep them updated! Also learn how to get off to a great start with families so the year starts smoothly and never stops!

  • Reimagine Potential

    With a passion and a love of learning, your students can achieve all of their dreams. So let’s dream big! Learn how to turn the most complex topics into stimulating questions for even the youngest audiences! There is nothing that’s off limits!

  • Teach What You Love

    Pin-point your passions and break them down into teachable lessons! Bring your energy and excitement to every lesson. If enthusiasm is contagious, your classroom is gonna need a quarantine!

  • I came. I planned. I conquered.

    Create and customize your own curriculum, with lessons and activities that fit YOUR personality and YOUR classroom! Know exactly when to teach everything so students end the year not only prepared for kindergarten, but prepared for the world!

Satisfaction Guaranteed!

I learned something I will use in my classroom.

Jarred was an engaging and informed speaker.

Met or exceeded my expectations