If your students love plants, flowers, and gardening, show them that some people have made taking care of plants their full time job! When kids find their interests and passions, its our job to empower them with the tools to pursue their dreams! When learning about plants and flowers, use this Punk Rock Preschool™ poster detailing the job of a Botanist and the responsibilities that come along. Show your class that if they love growing healthy food and beautiful flowers, they can become a Botanist and help others to do the same!
If you like flowers as well, you may want to buy this colorful Botanist poster (without the watermarks).

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The purpose of using the Punk Rock Preschool™ Botanist poster is to give students context and increase their motivation to learn about plants an flowers. For example, you can say, “If you think plants are super cool and you love learning about plants, then guess what? If you become a botanist, you can take care of plants as your job! Do you want to learn what a botanist does?!”

Now, students are paying extra close attention to your lessons on plants and flowers because they may want to be a botanist when they grow up! These job posters help students find their passions and then put this knowledge to good use! Kids can apply what they learn about plants to their own lives and they can use it to pursue their dreams! Something as simple as a weekly job poster can literally change lives.