If your students love healthy food, show them that some people have created their job around helping people eat healthy food! When kids find their interests, its our job to empower them with the tools to pursue their dreams! When learning about nutrition, use this Punk Rock Preschool™ poster detailing the job of a Nutritionist and the responsibilities that come along. Show your class that if they love eating the best foods, they can become a Nutritionist and help others to do the same!

If you like healthy food, you may want to buy this colorful Nutritionist poster (without the Watermark).



The purpose of using the Punk Rock Preschool™ Job Poster is to give students context for the subject they are learning and increase their motivation and attention for the subject. By incorporating a theme-related job into each unit, you will provide the class with a strong reason for why they should care and pay attention. For example, here’s what I would say to the class if we were learning about Science: “If y’all think SCIENCE is super cool and you love learning about SCIENCE, then guess what? You can spend your whole life learning about SCIENCE if you become a SCIENTIST. Do you want to learn what SCIENTISTS do?!” You can replace SCIENCE and SCIENTIST with any topic and any job!

The important thing is that students will now pay attention just to evaluate if this is something they may want to do! This gets kids to start thinking long-term at a young age and some may even start pursuing this long-term plans! Most importantly, the Job Poster gives context and direction for the students who do find their passions in what you’re teaching. Now the subject isn’t just cool or interesting– now it has become useful. Students can apply what they’re learning to their lives and they can use it to pursue their dreams! Something as simple as a weekly Punk Rock Preschool™ Job Poster can change lives.