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If you want to make your classroom a more fun, inspirational, and exciting place, you are right where you’re supposed to be!

Punk Rock Preschool is a new, innovative way to approaching early childhood. My goal is to give you everything you need to fascinate, inspire, and empower your students and expose your classroom to the wide world of learning. That way, your students can find the subjects that capture their imaginations can get a head start on discovering and pursuing their dreams!

“Punk Rock Preschool helps children learn and discover who they are.”Parent Testimonial

Learning is an adventure! It is a never ending trek through the jungle of knowledge and every tree and stream and waterfall offers something new and exciting to explore! Punk Rock Preschool will give you the map, the plane ticket, the supplies, and the extra push to send you and your classroom into the exciting wilderness of learning! When students fall in love with learning, everything else falls into place.

When teachers are engaged, students are engaged! But that can’t happen as long as teachers are still singing Old McDonald everyday! Punk Rock Preschool provides you with the resources and courage to reimagine your old curriculum in favor of one that you love to teach because you deserve to teach the most interesting, important, and inspiring topics you want!

Rethink Preschool:

Anything is possible. Using the Punk Rock Preschool philosophy, my class of four-year-olds wrote their own original business plans, became entrepreneurs, and received national publicity all before going to Kindergarten. Whether in business, art, environmentalism, or any other subject you can imagine, your students will step up to the challenge. Your classroom is about to achieve great things! If you dream it, kids can do it!



    Bring your unique interests and passions into class discussions. Talk to your students like you talk to your friends! Share your opinions. Be real with them!


    Use the internet to turn your classroom into a virtual Magic School Bus. Travel to any place or any time in the universe and open kids’ eyes to the wonders of the world!


    Kids are capable of accomplishing anything! When you believe without a doubt that a child’s potential is unlimited, that’s the moment the magic begins.


    Find the topics you want to teach. What do you wish you were taught in school? It’s your classroom and you have one year to make an impact! Make every day matter!


    If you’re looking to make a change in your classroom, there’s no better time than right now. Take one deep breath, exhale any last worry, and jump in with both feet. You’re gonna make a splash.


    When you bring challenging ideas into the classroom, your students step up to occasion! You can expect a great year when you expect the best from your students!

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Frequently Asked Questions

All ages (including adults) can benefit from the Punk Rock Preschool curriculum. Our lessons coverstopics from Astronomy to Zoology — not exactly your typical preschool curriculum! Punk Rock Preschool’s purpose is aimed at shaking things up in early childhood but the curriculum can work for classes up until middle school! I would have 5th graders coming into my classroom to learn alongside my pre-k students because we were covering the same material as their classes!

With every lesson, Punk Rock Preschool provides a Common Core aligned checklist for all Kindergarten Literacy & Math standards. If you want to stick to your school’s thematic planning, you can always supplement those themes with our units, but we highly encourage you to talk with your principal(s) and parents about the benefits of teaching the things that you love and things that matter to your students. It will be hard to argue with the results you will see.

There are tons of ways to access all of our free content through Punk Rock Preschool. You can subscribe to our podcast and get involved in new conversations surrounding ECE every week. You can jam out to our music videos and rock out to our songs on YouTube! You can follow along with our one-minute letter crafts and teach along with our virtual lessons for each week’s theme. You can complete the “Teach What You Love Checklist” and I’ll send you awesome videos every month for the subjects you want to teach. And finally you can sign up for our weekly newsletter and get weekly updates on new freebies, podcasts, and products. All free! All available for you whenever you need them!

We get this question a lot and it is super flattering; unfortunately, Punk Rock Preschool is not a physical school and we cannot accept enrollment. However, now you can bring the Punk Rock Preschool curriculum to your home or classroom! Each unit available in the store has every word scripted out for every lesson covering my entire curriculum. And it’s all available to you. In addition to our scripted, no-prep lesson plans, our podcasts, music videos, and YouTube playlists are available for FREE.

Yes you can re-download any item 3 times. If for some reason you need to download again after that, please email

Our lesson plans are available in weekly units and in larger, packaged units grouping all the weekly lessons of a related theme. For example, an individual lesson would be Exercise & Sports that would also be packaged in a broader Heathy Kids Curriculum (Sports, Hygiene, Nutrition, etc.) If you purchase an individual lesson and later decide you want to purchase the larger unit, I will gladly refund your original purchase so you are not paying for the same lessons twice.Please send an email to after you purchase a packaged unit if you need any previous purchases refunded and I will take care of it immediately.

Be the teacher you want to be!

The Punk Rock Promises:

  • A Curriculum You Will Love

    Teach the things that matter. Bring your enthusiasm and passion to school everyday. Show your classroom the wonders of the world so students come to school ready and excited to learn!

  • Fun & Exciting Lessons Everyday

    Make learning an adventure! Teach the topics that will inspire passions and empower the future leaders of the world! Use YouTube, Netflix and the rest of the internet to show your class a glimpse of all there is to learn.

  • Reimagined Potential

    After spending time with the Punk Rock Preschool curriculum, you will see incredible results. Students will not only be reading, writing, and doing math, they will develop into mature, responsible, and passionate learners and thinkers!

  • Satisfied Parents

    Parents are the customer and I’ll make sure you have everything you need to keep them happy and satisfied. By setting the highest standards for a child’s education you can give parents a model for what they should expect future teahcers! Be a transformational figure in your students’ lives!

It’s your classroom — you deserve to teach what you love! With Punk Rock Preschool, you can take back control of your curriculum. Choose from over 80 thematic units to find the subjects YOU want to teach. What makes you excited and enthusiastic? What topics get you animated and loud? Find the subjects that fit your personality and your classroom! Show your students the amazing wonders of the universe. Empower your classroom! Inspire kids to fall in love with school.
Punk Rock Preschool is all about unleashing the incredible potential in your students. Its about exposing your classroom to the magnificent world we live in so your students can find their own interests and set off on their own paths! Punk Rock Preschool is the start of a life-long, never-ending adventure to learn and grow. I’ve seen incredible results in my classroom and it all stems from believing in your students. And as teachers, we know we must show them we believe in them, not just tell them. So how do you show your students you believe they can accomplish anything? By challenging them and pushing them and supporting them to accomplish anything! When you do, they will surpass even your most ambitious dreams and expectations.
“What mostly impacted my son was learning about pollution. He fully understands how it is affecting planet earth and he has it in his head that he will always do something to make a difference. He is always picking up trash and bringing it home because he is an inventor and he knows he can make something useful out of that piece of trash. I believe he must have learned something about the economy because he says his inventions will sell at low cost, maybe $1, because he wants all the people to be able to afford them. He calls himself an entrepreneur. Yes, he knows what that means.” – Parent Testimonial, Daniel, 5 years old
Having informed, up-to-date, happy parents can make all the difference. Parents are our partners and they should also be treated as our customers. If the customer is always right, we need to be asking our parents explicitly what their goals are for their kids. Just having this conversation sets you up for a year of involvement and success. By the end of the year, you’ll have reached and surpassed each goal because of the partnerships you developed.