Why I’m Here for You!

Punk Rock Preschool is about helping your students discover, unlock, and unleash their incredible potentials. Its about exposing your classroom to the magnificent world we live in so your students can find their own interests and set off on their own paths! Punk Rock Preschool is the start of a life-long, never-ending adventure to learn and grow. I’ve seen incredible results in my classroom, and it all stems from believing in your students.

It’s easy to tell our students we believe in them, but how do we show them? How do you show someone that you believe they can accomplish anything? By challenging them and encouraging them and supporting them to accomplish anything! By giving them the tools to learn whatever they want to learn. When you do, they will surpass even your most ambitious dreams and expectations.

By the end of my first year, my students were sounding out words. By the end of my second, they were blending and reading beginner books. By the end of my third year, half of the class could read Dr. Seuss books and some were even reading chapter books!

Throughout the entire journey, our classroom’s goal was never to read chapter books. Our only goal was to keep learning, always do our best, and we would see where that took us.

Turns out, it takes you pretty far.

I’m here to help you get the same results in your classroom- to get your students off to the best start in life that you possibly can!

So let’s get started creating the classroom of your dreams. How can I help you inspire your students and empower them to change the world? It all starts with believing they can do it. And then once you convince your classroom to believe in themselves, nothing will get in their way!

I’ll leave you with my proudest moment that I think about almost every day. Below you’ll find a parent testimonial that shows teaching at it one of its most rewarding moments. This is what is all about. As teachers, we have a unique opportunity to change lives.

So let’s change them.

My Proudest Moment

”Mr. G. is special because he helped my daughter overcome the odds she was given the day she was born. My daughter was born three months early -- she weighed a pound and lived in a hospital for three months connected to wires and feeding tubes. I was told she wasn’t going to be able to walk, she could be blind, wouldn’t be able to hear, talk, or be normal, and she would be behind the other kids her age."

"Growing up, she was behind. She couldn’t walk till 2 1/2 years old, her hearing wasn’t as good, and she would cry because talking wasn’t easy for her and no one could understand her. At 4 years old, I enrolled her in Mr. G.’s class and everything I feared with her and school went out the window."

"After 3 weeks of being in his class, she was talking more and learning at the same pace as every other student and he made it fun for her! She would crawl in bed excited to go back to school the next day, and everything he would teach her, she would come home and teach her baby sister! Mr. G is special because he helped my daughter to a brighter and better future! He’s special because he helped her overcome the odds we were given walking out of the hospital!”

Once upon a time...

...there was a teacher named Mr. G. He was new to the job and he was finding out that it was not so easy. Mr. G. loved teaching but he just wasn't having fun. He knew school should be a fun, awesome place for kids to discover who they are, but no matter how many times he went over his morning routine -- calendar, weather, shapes, letters, numbers -- the fun never came. And before he knew it, it was lunch time, then recess, then nap time, specials, and the day was gone. Where was the time for fun?

Then, one morning, Mr. G. decided that enough was enough. Instead of doing his normal routine, he picked up his guitar and played a brand new song for his class. Oh boy oh man! The song was a hit! The class was having fun, and so was he. That's when Mr. G. decided he was going to make every second of every day as fun as that song!

And from then on, the fun never stopped! Punk Rock Preschool was born and Mr. G.'s classroom became an amusement park of learning! Now that he was teaching what he loved, the enthusiasm was contagious! Students started finding their passions and discovering who they are. They become entrepreneurs, scientists, environmentalists, travelers, and much more! And they learned SO MUCH along the way! By the end of the year, Punk Rock Preschool made their first music videos and were featured on MTV and ABC News! A few students even became real-life rock stars when they performed a concert for all of Teach for America Oklahoma!

And this is just the beginning.